Children Playing Facilities with Unique Design

Danish company Monstrum and its designers materialized some of the brightest dreams kids can have about how a game area should look like. They created unique facilities for playgrounds and gardens that have astonishing design where fantasies thrive.

These original playing facilities have many different forms – from blue whales almost full size to snakes and giant spiders, enormous snails, Trojan horses, fairytale castles, pirate ships, craters on the moon, submarines and whatever else you can think of. Monstrum designers are fully aware that fantasy is infinite.

The creators of these unique facilities not only make the dreams of every child come true, but they also turn open spaces and gardens into colorful and fun places with cheerful atmosphere.
The company designers seem to have realized that playgrounds defy all laws of physics and mathematics and that they should primarily sparked fantasies of even the wildest kids.

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