A modern piece of furniture; like you’ve never seen before!

Designer Maksimero Riera never fails to surprise us. Known for his extravagant and out of the box work in the world of design; some of his past work includes furniture in the form of octopus and even walrus…. Well this time –as expected- not far out; a chair in the shape of an elephant!

Beginning from the middle back of the elephant and progressing to the inexistent tail, the massive form transforms into a chair !…Not sure the origin of this design (probably from India)surprisingly the final presentation is unique, proportionate and extremely style-full….! The matte black color of the chair along with the tufted back cushioning brings a hard to achieve elegance and comfort for a massive design such as this…Many designers have tried Riera’s approach i.e bring animal elements into the home …without much success…
This is definitely a great surprise and lover to see the outcome so successful such as this ! Love, love love………..keep up the momentum Riera

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