S.F.’s Mission District Goes Large


Proving Good Design is no longer just for the rich, the City by the Bay is bracing for a massive influx of affordable housing, located right in the middle of San Francisco’s famous Mission District. Arquitectonica, an award-winning architectural firm based in Miami, is going cross-country to create Trinity Place, an enormous, six building, 1,900-unit residential complex that will be the largest apartment development in San Francisco since the years after World War II. One third of those units will either be priced below the going market rates or rent-controlled. – bringing the sublime experience of living in a home designed by a top architect to the masses.

The six glass, concrete and silver metal buildings will be arranged around a central courtyard, which will serve as both a place to interact and a “green lung” providing light and air for the complex’s interior-facing units. The diagonal rooflines will not only add a designer touch, but a practical one as well – they will help to maximize sunlight in the development’s open spaces. Other artistic touches include window openings that are recessed to create shadows and vertical metal fins. It promises to be a welcome new addition to the San Francisco skyline – especially for the hundreds of lower-income individuals and families who will enjoy a rare taste of the good life.

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