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If you have the luxury of having an open space or garden outside your home or you have a terrace, then you might have thought of doing up the area. Develop some seating arrangement there and you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise or the drizzling of rain or just listening to the birds chirp. This is where the idea of keeping patio chair comes into the picture.

Modern Chairs for your patio are available in a wide range like wrought iron, wooden, plastics etc. As the trend goes, the wrought iron patio chair is quite durable and looks elegant and classy. It needs to be protected from rain and rust.

If you choose wooden chair miami chairs for your patio, then you have to show more care towards it to maintain its beauty and life. Get it polished regularly to use it for a longer time. Safeguard it against sunlight. The chairs made of plastic or wicker chair too requires care. Though you can wash and wipe it when it gets dirty and get the shine back. Direct sunlight is harmful for plastic material as it gets cracked very soon.

So whatever is the material you select, all types of your patio chairs need proper maintenance to live for a longer period of time. The best way to maintain the chairs is to cover them. You must select the patio chair cover on the basis of fitness, quality, and durability. Only then they can enhance the beauty of your chairs and protect them.

Then, while choosing the fabric for your patio chair cover, you must check that the fabric stays cool and can resist the moisture so that your chairs are safe. The covers should be able to cover the chairs from mold and mildew so that your dress does not get wet if you sit on a chair left out in the rain.

Since the patio chair which are left in open are covered with covers, so they have to be beautifully designed to attract the people. To match the covers with your patio, you can use your own imagination and decorate the cover with fabric paints, motifs, etc. You yourself can stitch the covers or get the readymade one which fits best to your patio chairs. modern architecture Use buttons or Velcro to protect the covers from being blown away by the wind.

It is  up to you to decide whether you want to cover the chair completely or just the headrest or the cushion part. Since you cover the chair to protect them from bad weather, and rain, then the ideal choice would be the mesh fabric which does not hold water. Most of this fabric comes into dull colors only and for soft and bright colors, you can select vinyl fabric which adds a touch of luxury to the covers. You can also go for Gore-Tex which is quite expensive and makes waterproof covers. In case the chairs are kept under a covered patio then the fabric of cover can be cotton too.

Wherever you keep and whichever fabric you select, the main purpose is to protect and maintain your patio chairs so that you do not have to change them more often.


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