Getting started and deciding what furniture styles appeal to you

Unless you are going to employ an internal designer, you need to put some thought and planning into your choice. Just buying say a new leather sofa or modern cabinet and not taking into account the general aesthetics of your home, could prove to be a wrong decision.

Selection of contemporary furniture should have a theme and if it is to be mixed with more traditional furniture, needs very careful consideration. If you are intending to completely change the layout, a floor plan should be made, starting with an empty room. Take careful note of where electrical appliances need to be stationed for power source and which way you want your furniture to face. By mapping out potential seating areas and storage areas you can then determine walking space and open areas-very important to ensure the room does not appear to be cluttered and haphazard.

Take careful consideration of the colour schemes and any contrasts you want to introduce as this will have a major bearing on items of modern furniture you will be choosing. Contemporary leather furniture goes well with most internal rooms and modern cabinets can be added to blend, or contrast with them. Display spaces, whether they are tables or cabinets, should look pleasing to the eye and create an illusion of space and detachment whilst belonging to the overall theme. Any leather furniture can be enhanced by fabric sheets, rugs and pillows to give an added touch.

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