Amelia Rozas Shines at the Miami Home Show

Amelia Rozas, an interior designer and architect, recently showcased her design prowess at this year’s Miami Home Show held from March 27 through March 30. She was one of only four interior design professionals who showed off their room designs working off the connection between art and interior design.

Rozas’ original piece was inspired by the art of Paolo Ambu and was featured in the Designer Showcase room at the Miami Home Show. The selection of muted colors and soft pastels was designed to exhibit and complement the comfort and airiness of Ambu’s artistic work.

Rozas designed both a living area and a bedroom set which evoked artistry and livability. Both rooms possess a flourish of whites and grays set against a soft brown backdrop. White flowers offer a unique natural accent while a notched wooden wall exhibits the openness of both spaces.

Both Rozas and Ambu were available for conversation during the exhibition of the Rozas-designed room. This is not the first time that Rozas’ work has appeared at the Miami Home Show. She also had an installation in last year’s where she worked off the art of Alex Turco. The 2014 showcase demonstrated her ability to turn art into space and make a room both aesthetically pleasing and eminently functional.

Rozas is the principal of the Amelia Rozas Designs firm based in Miami, Florida. She is a Certified International Staging and Redesign Professional and has helped numerous clients envision more fluid and artistic spaces in their homes. She has also been a part of numerous home shows and conferences and was a featured speaker at the fall Miami Home Show.

Her services involve everything from full home interior design and decorative assistance to redesign and home staging. She also works in the commercial arena to help businesses with their interior design needs.

Rozas earned a bachelor’s degree from Universidad Iberoamericana del Caribe in the Dominican Republic and her master’s from Florida International University. She completed her thesis at Universita degli Studi di Genova in Genoa, Italy. Her international experience has undoubtedly contributed to her overall design aesthetic.


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