The New Little Black Dress-by Judson Beaumont

The world-famous fashion designer Coco Chanel always said that all a woman needs to look good is a little black dress. An artist from Vancouver named Judson Beaumont understood her words in his own way and created a chic furniture for real ladies.

What he designed is an interesting one-of-a-kind furniture piece – an elegant little black dresser with multiple drawers that can be hung wherever you like. It is made of MDF, maple veneer and aluminum and its dimensions are 14”W x 46”H x 10”D. Taking into consideration its actual usable space we could not say that this dresser is very practical, but it definitely is an elegant item that puts a finishing touch to every stylish bedroom.

For the past 25 years Judson Beaumont has run a design studio that is focused on quality and custom design and that stays far away from mass production. The little black dresser is just a small example of the creative mind of this artist who proves that everything is possible and that ideas in interior design are limitless.



  1. Mariana

    Would like to know if it is possible to purchase the black dress drawer by Judson Beaumont. If possible, how much.


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