The Fall is Here – cheer up your home with our simple decorating ideas for fall

It is the end of September and Autumn is here. I know you are sad to see the Summer finish but time to go back to work..! Actually Autumn can be charming as well…(think Halloween) … below are some of our tips to cheer up your thoughts and home …. Fall decorations of course,what did you think?!…Thats right
Place pumpkins on your front steps….. think … orange, orange, orange, everywhere …and of course buy (your much wanted) owl dining plates!!.. and all the good stuff to make you and your guests smile every time they go in and out the house.

What you can also do is to get a bouquet of orange and red flowers and place them in a vase(think orange!!)… You could also fasten them into your red front door(image below)!!..a wreath is a must.. or arrange one around a candle!
Some inexpensive tips… such as a few sticks of cinnamon or dried berries in glass dishes and a bunch of dead leaves around!!… these are easy ways to give your home a seasonal touch !
Apples are another fall symbol….. Just don’t eat them!.. get some multi-colored apples and arrange them into baskets or in flowers vases to make your home fresh and elegant.
After all, everyone loves the smell of Autumn…. and if you don’t force yourself to do … for the sake of the people around you!… Happy Autumn…

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