BIO Fireplaces for an Exclusive and Environment-Friendly Interior Design

The Italian company Horus has developed a new decorative concept for home fireplaces, which employs a bio-compatible source of energy. These fireplaces are really easy to install and which is even greater they don’t need maintenance because they don’t produce residue.

Horus fireplaces are fueled by a renewable energy source called Ethanol (denatured alcohol). It arises from the fermentation of sugars derived from agricultural and forest products, such as potatoes and sugar canes. The Ethanol is composed of biological elements that keep the ecological balance unaltered.
Horus fireplaces are not just developed with respect for the environment but also with a deep thought to the stylish look of your home. They have an elegant and innovative look that has strong decorative and architectonic impact. The fireplaces are very functional, as well. Most of the items are a combination between a chimney and coffee tale or shelves so they can adapt to different situations and environments – from the living area to public spaces.
Horus fireplaces bring a romantic note to every home.



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