Imbuing homes with the Christmas spirit mindfully

Anna Kireeva

It’s time for the Christmas countdown. This also means that many homes will begin to sparkle, twinkle, and jingle with the tunes and decor of the Christmas spirit. But have you ever considered what happens to all the single-use decorations we buy? And how about those who prefer a more subtle way of appreciating this festive season? This piece is dedicated for all those who chose to welcome the joyful atmosphere and gatherings with a more sustainable and mindful approach. Here’s how to break away from the disposable culture while taking the opportunity that Christmas provides to redirect the focus to our pre-existing decor and unique furniture.

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Choosing mindfully

We are not advocating for the absence of any Christmas decorations but, rather suggesting a careful and deliberate selection of decor and accessories that can create a meaningful effect with minimal consumption. One tip, for example, is to emphasize a stunning centerpiece such as a Christmas tree as a focal point for decorations. For this, one does not need excessive ornaments, simply a few meaningful or eye-catching ones such as an elegant angel or star tree topper that embody a statement on their own.

Olson Kundig

Sticking to specific colors

The Christmas season is not necessarily the time to explore a maximalist approach. If what you are looking for is a more classic and delicate concept then the first factor to consider is color. No matter how much we subdue our decor, if the color scheme is hectic and varied, this will give off a loud and ostentatious impression. Meanwhile, a cohesive color scheme that suits your style such as a classic red and green palette or a chic silver and white scheme can help create a united layout and design. By applying this theme in different areas and complementing it with a few statement pieces like candle holders or stockings in matching stockings, you will be reinforcing your Christmas home spirit without having to spend on excessive items. 

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Adding warmth with lighting

Ambient lighting makes all the difference during this season focused on warmth, coziness, and familiarity. Nothing clashes more with this mood than cold, bright and artificial lighting that covers surfaces in an office-like hue. On the other hand, string lights or LED candles create an inviting feeling with their golden glow. These types of lights can also become the sources of decoration for example, by draping the string lights along the dining table’s mantle or down the stair railings for a charming display. LED candles can also become a part of your window still decor or be grouped on a tray without having to worry about an open flame. 

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Nature inspiring us yet again

Undoubtedly, the most sustainable approach to decorating is to incorporate nature itself as part of your interior design. Luckily, the Earth has provided us with a plant and flower for every occasion and as we know, Christmas incorporates many of nature’s motifs in its celebrations. For example, a few pinecones placed in a decorative bowl can become a rustic centerpiece for your dining table. Intertwined evergreen branches or holly with garlands become perfect wreaths to hang on doors. You can even create a stunning statement piece by simply placing a lush poinsettia plant in a strategic position where you wish to direct people’s focus. And for the romantics out there, why not also create some opportunities by adding a subtle mistletoe where it can’t be ignored. 

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Time to shine the spotlight on furniture

Keep it simple. This is the key method to ensure that the decorations do not overpower your carefully chosen and arranged furniture. This approach is pretty self-evident as a concept however, when it comes to action it becomes harder to select the right decor that will complement our home pieces. First, let’s select statement pieces that harmonize with the style and colors of your furniture, for instance, a rustic wooden dining table can be highlighted with a cluster of pillar candles as a centerpiece. In the entrance, try adorning your classic buffet with a minimalist arrangement of pine branches in a sleek vase and observe the immediate effect this has on your furniture. 

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Accentuate key areas

Another way of highlighting specific furniture pieces is by decorating around them rather than directly on them. If you have an original living-room setup with some plush sofas and contemporary side tables that you wish to show off, adorn this area with faint string lights that cast a glow over it or a festive and striking flower arrangement that directs our attention to the pre-existing arrangement. For the kitchen, you can also draw people’s gaze towards the sleek kitchen island and industrial style bar stools by selecting a contemporary centerpiece like a geometric-shaped bowl filled with metallic ball ornaments that also match the tone of your design. 

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Rely on functional decor

If we are going to invest in decor it might as well be functional as well right? Let’s opt for decorations that serve a dual purpose or are inherently practical such as holiday-themed throw pillow covers or cozy blankets that accentuate our lounge chair while also providing comfort. If you’re hosting the Christmas Eve dining party you might also consider incorporating holiday themed serving dishes that you can take out the following years or which also match your dining table top so that they can become a part of various festive gatherings

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A mindful Christmas

When it comes to Christmas, there is no single way of celebrating this season. Each household and individual holds a unique memory and vision of their perfect Christmas; thus, the ideal decor approach for this season ultimately comes down to your own tastes. However, before letting loose and having fun decorating, why not ask ourselves some questions that will redirect the focus on the wholesomeness of this season instead of focusing on the superficial aspect. What kind of statement do I want my decor to make? Will I use it again? And, how does it correlate with my furniture and interior design style?

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