The future is Here: Amazing Underwater Hotel

A stunning underwater hotel has been proposed to be constructed in Dubai shortly. The company that initiated this project is named Deep Water Technology and is found in 2010 in Poland. It has established an ongoing collaboration with scientists and engineers in order to bring this project to live.
The hotel would comprise of one above-water and one underwater disc that are connected by three solid legs that would be fixed to the sea bed, and a daylight filled vertical shaft containing a lift and stairway.
Guests of the hotel would have the opportunity to choose from the twenty-one luxurious rooms situated in the center of a colorful coral reef with fascinating views of sea life, illuminated with special lighting systems. You will no longer need a breathing apparatus, diving course or other special equipment to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world
The above-water disc holds a restaurant, spa and special recreation area. Guests can enjoy sunbathing on the rooftop amongst an exotic garden. The futuristic look is supplemented by adjacent satellites, accessed via glass-walled passageways.
If realized this project will influence every sphere of human life. Let’s just hope that this stunning innovative project will be materialized.


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