7 Great Money Saving Home Décor Tips

With the economy as it is, a lot of homeowners are having to do with the home they have now rather than the house they want. But just because you’re in a reverse market these days and money is tight doesn’t mean you have to dread coming home every day.

Following are some really great budget-conscious tips that can give your house a fresh new look for very little money.

Redistributing artwork. Many people purchase new art for their homes because they bored with what they have. Instead of going on a shopping spree, try moving your artwork around in your home instead. Then, use a little trick designers use to make each piece of art have maximum impact. When designers place art, they make sure it covers two-thirds of the wall it’s on. This keeps a really great painting, tapestry or other work of art from becoming lost on the wall. This is one of the biggest mistakes homeowners make by the way. A great piece of art on a wall that is too big or too small is a décor disaster.

Layering with light. Lighting should be consistent and dramatic. The basic rule of thumb is 100 watts per 50 square feet of space in your home. Of course, a single 100-watt bulb isn’t the answer. It will look like you’re trying to get someone to confess to a crime. Instead, use different wattages in a mix of lighting fixtures, from the ceiling to the floor. Use dimmers whenever possible so you can change the mood of the room, from full up “the party’s on!” to nice and low lighting that says “romance.”

Paint a new look. Paint is by far the cheapest makeover you can do for your home and if you do it correctly, it can be a work of art all its own. For example, you can create a single accent wall in your home that has a contrasting color. Pick the right color on a wall that’s not too small and watch it magically create drama in a room that was rather bland before.

Go with area rugs. If your great room is feeling a little too spacious these days, go with area rugs. These can help define different spaces in the room. For example, adding an area rug under two chairs and a central table can create a quiet nook for conversation in a large room. You can also use area rugs and accent walls in combination to add more definition.

Time for tile. In the kitchen or bathroom, you can really make a splash with some carefully selected tiles. Use them as the backsplash along the counter or add the same pattern to the shower stall so the sink tile and shower tile share a common design theme. It will really make your bathroom pop.

Float the furniture. A room with all the furniture pushed back against the walls may be great for a dance party, but it isn’t very inviting for everyday use. Pull the furniture away from the walls and create spaces that emphasize specific functions. It will make the room much more friendly and approachable.

Get out of the box. This isn’t your mother’s home, so don’t think it has to follow any rules. It’s O.K to create a space that is unique and all yours. How about a bunch of leather books with a glass top used as a side table? Let your imagination run a little wild and reinvent your home with stuff you already have or find on the cheap. Be bold and decisive in your actions and you’ll be surprised how things can come together in your home.

With these few simple steps, your home can have that fresh new look you’ve been looking for. It’s one way to beat the “I’m stuck with the house I have for now” blues.

7 Great Money Saving Home Décor Tips